(Photo: YouTube/JoeySalads)

YouTuber Joey Salads posted a video on Monday night of what he claims was a social experiment in which he left a car covered in Trump stickers in what he described as a “black neighborhood.”

“A lot of black people don’t like Trump,” Salads, who is known for his prank videos, said in the beginning of the video.

He then explains that he has “parked [the Trump car] in a black neighborhood” as part of a social experiment.

In the title overlay of the video, Salads claims that thirty minutes pass before people begin to approach the car, with one man tearing off Trump paraphernalia and opening the car door to see what’s inside. Another fifteen minutes later, the man returns with a group of people who appear to start destroying the car in unison, breaking windows and throwing rocks, before fleeing in unison.

Salads then comes back on camera, saying, “As you can see from this video, the black community is very violent towards Trump and his supporters. As I was filming this video, there were people shouting out their windows, ‘F*** Trump. After filming I talked to some of the spectators who are black, who said that they did low-key support Trump, but they were afraid of the backlash from their community.”

But many are questioning the validity of the video, accusing Salads of staging the whole thing. Such accusations are not new to Salads, who has in the past been accused of staging his prank videos.