(Photo: Charleston County Detention Center/Twitter)

According to the Charleston Police Department, a man has been arrested after he allegedly shouted racial slurs at a black TV reporter on the street.

Steve Crump of WBTV, along with his videographer, were covering Hurricane Matthew’s impending arrival when Brian Eybers shouted out, “What are you doing here?” and called Crump the N-word before blocking the news van from leaving.

According to Crump, Eybers was filming himself the entire time.

“He was doing commentary of the neighborhood,” Crump said. “Then he starts off saying, ‘There’s a black guy walking around here, no he’s a slave, no he’s the n-word.’

“I went from zero to 60 like that,” Crump told the Charlotte Observer.

Officers arrived on the scene, and Eybers admitted to using the racial slurs. He was then booked on charges of congregating for an unlawful purpose and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Watch the upsetting footage below.