Whoopi Goldberg is emotional while educating ‘The View’ co-hosts about slavery, segregation

Whoopi Goldberg got emotional while educating her co-hosts at "The View" about slavery and African Americans earning the right to vote.

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Whoopi Goldberg got emotional while educating her co-hosts at “The View” about slavery and African-Americans earning the right to vote.

During a discussion about Donald Trump and the fear of voter suppression tactics used against minorities, Goldberg made the point that black people did not earn the right to vote until 1965. But when some of her fellow co-hosts pointed out that women, too, did not always have the right to vote, Goldberg enlightened them.

“Black people vote because we earned the right to vote. We had to take tests and figure out philosophical discussions in order to get the right to vote. We worked really hard to get this vote. To become citizens like everybody else,” she said, adding, “Women were not thought of as a desk or chattel. We weren’t considered to be human. So for us getting the right to vote after dogs attacked us, after people were killed, hung, blown up…voting is real. This is not a game.”

Goldberg was brought to tears when she explained that discussions with her grandmother about segregation and the Jim Crow era were the reasons she was so passionate about the issue.

“I think back to all the stuff my grandmother talked about and it just enrages me that people are being talked about this way… like they didn’t earn this right to vote.”

Watch a clip of Goldberg’s remarks below.