A Georgia teen who was kicked in the head during a soccer game awoke from a three day coma speaking nothing but Spanish, according to his parents.

Reuben Nsemoh, who is 16, plays goalie for an elite traveling soccer team. During a game recently, he was injured in a skirmish at the goal when he was kicked in the head.

“I was in shock and panic,” Nsemoh’s coach, Bruno Kalonji stated.

According to the coach, Nsemoh stopped breathing multiple times after the blow. “He will start coming back, then he will throw up. It was a sequence of things I’ve never seen, it was bad.”

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He was having seizures by the time paramedics arrived and ended up going into a coma for three days.

His parents say that when he woke up, he spoke fluent Spanish but no English. As the days passed, however, he slowly regained his English and lost the Spanish.

Nsemoh thinks he may have an explanation for what happened. He thinks he was remembering conversations that were had between his Spanish-speaking friend and his brother.

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Nsemoh is recuperating at home and waiting anxiously to get back on the field. His coach says that after three concussions, he doesn’t want him back unless he is willing to wear protective headgear, something the coach thinks all goalkeepers should wear during games.

The growing medical costs are taking their toll on the family, and they have set up a GoFundMe  page to help out.