Tearful Loni Love explains why black women are offended by Beyoncé parody

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Loni Love broke down in tears on “The Real” on Wednesday while discussing recent controversy over Amy Schumer’s parody video of Beyoncè’s song “Formation.”

In the video, Schumer dances alongside Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack, among others, in a tribute to Beyoncé’s politically-laced song about black pride. Lyrics include references to the singer’s “negro” heritage and her daughter’s “afro.”

–Beyoncé tells audience to ‘get in formation’ and vote this November–

Many critics quickly slammed the video online, accusing Schumer and other non-black participants of making a mockery of black women.

Love, who said she doesn’t believe Schumer meant any harm by the video, explained that she understands why black women were offended.

“When ‘Formation’ came out, we’ve been going through all this civil unrest. People are upset and a lot of black women feel like they’ve been put to the bottom… that they’ve been brushed aside and Beyonce came out and gave them some power,” Love explained.

The talk show started to cry as she continued: “I know some people are saying ‘oh, everybody lighten up.’ You don’t understand. We have some issues in this country. We need to get through these issues. And you’ve got to respect their point of view. I’m crying because I can feel their pain.”

She did, however, acknowledge that the country is “making progress.”

Watch Loni Love’s emotional delivery below.