Amy Schumer Show producer gets called out on racism at podcast taping

W. Kamau Bell got the opportunity to have the producer of the Amy Schumer Show sit down during the one-year anniversary of his show for KALW and City Arts & Lecture in San Francisco, and surprisingly, the show itself wasn’t all that awkward.

The three-woman panel for that show consisted of Anna Sale, creator and host of the podcast Death, Sex & MoneyJessi Klein, executive producer and head writer of The Amy Schumer Showand Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

They spoke about Trump supporters, the trials of balancing family life and careers, and the latest shows and movies produced by black creators.

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But in the after-show discussion, Bell had to ask Klein the question on everyone’s minds after Amy Schumer’s “Formation” parody: “What’s your take on Amy Schumer’s latest racist nonsense?”

“No, Amy Schumer is not racist,” Klein replied immediately.

When Garza tried to explain why Schumer’s actions and words were hurtful, though, Klein interrupted her, again with her same claim: “I hear you, but Amy Schumer is not racist.”

In all, Klein said five times that Schumer was not racist, even as both her fellow panelists as well as the audience itself tried to explain what was going on and why Schumer’s actions and tweets were so hurtful.

“In her heart of hearts, Amy Schumer is not racist,” Klein said at least twice.

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