Lady Gaga pays tribute to Trayvon Martin on new album

Lady Gaga said that the current political climate inspired her latest song, a tribute to Trayvon Martin titled, “Angel Down,” a track off her latest album Joanne.

Doesn’t everyone belong in the arms of the sacred/ Why do we pretend we’re wrong has our young courage faded/ Shots were fired down the street by the church where we used to meet/ Angel down, angel down, why do people just stand around

“It’s a very extreme year and a very high, stressful time; people of all ages I think are feeling it. Especially with politics and with society — the way things have been moving, the chaos in America. This was a lot of my inspiration on the album,” she explained.

She also went on to say that it was a response to “the epidemic of young African-Americans being murdered in this country.”

“How can I not say something? How could I possibly make an album about twerking my ass in the club?” asked the singer. “In my mind, I can’t reckon it. It feels empty. It feels irrelevant.”