Hundreds of HBCU students march to polls for early voting

On Wednesday, hundreds of students from historically black colleges and universities marched to the polls at Durham and Daytona Beach so that they could vote early.

These students are taking to heart the words of NC State NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber, who told North Carolina Central students that their community “can literally determine who will sit in the White House.”

So on Wednesday, hundreds of students from NCC marched from their campus down to the polls to exercise their voting rights.

–White nationalists to hand out drugs, liquor to keep Blacks from voting polls–

“More people can actually go out and vote without all those requirements that they would have to do before the voter suppression laws were lifted,” NCCU student Khadijah Ray told ABC11.

Hundreds of students from Bethune-Cookman University also marched from campus to the polls, and Congressman John Lewis joined them in a show of solidarity.

In addition to exercising their voting rights, the students admitted that it was easier to vote early and lauded the process for giving them an opportunity to find time in their busy schedules.

“You won’t have to be standing in line for a long time,” said North Carolina Central University student Jamiece Hargrove. “It quickens the process.”