Gun-toting Trump fan allegedly stopped voters outside Virginia polling station

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A woman in Virginia says that she was stopped a gun-toting Trump fan on her way into a polling station and asked if she was going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The man, who was wearing a gun on his hip and wearing a Trump tee shirt outside the 40-foot no-canvassing zone, was not breaking any laws in the open-carry state, but Erika Cotti says that she still felt intimidated by the man when he stopped her on her way to vote.

“I had my 9-year-old son with me. I felt intimidated,” Cotti said. “And I had to explain to my 9-year-old why a man with a 357 magnum is standing outside the polling station.”

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She claimed that he stood in her path and tried to hand her a Republican sample ballot, which she declined. “He’s like, ‘Who are you going to vote for, crooked Hillary?’ And I was like, that’s really none of your business,” she said.

When informed about the man’s actions, a local Republican Party official asked the man to pull his tee shirt over his gun.

“’We don’t want to startle anyone,’” Republican Committee Chairman Will Estrada told the Huffington Post. “He felt really bad, he pulled his T-shirt over it, and I think everything was fine after that.”

“It’s a free country. I’m a NRA life member myself. So long as no laws are being broken, I’m not going to tell someone they can’t,” Estrada added.