Man attacks family with meat cleaver over presidential election

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The results of the presidential election drove a Brooklyn man to attack his family with a meat cleaver, leaving not only physical injuries but familial ones as their plans for Thanksgiving are now in doubt.

Yvonne Braswell said that her two sons, Maurice and Dwight, had been arguing about the results of the election when the attack happened. Neither of the brothers had voted for Trump, and the argument was over how Hillary Clinton lost the election.

According to Assistant District Attorney Triyonah Langsam, the drunken Maurice Braswell hit his brother with a chair, and when his mother as well as his niece and nephew tried to intervene, he cut them and his brother with a meat cleaver. His niece, Shataviah, lost her thumb to the knuckle because of the attack.

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“They’re always in confrontation, they grew up like that, bickering,” Yvonne Braswell said in speaking about her sons. “But it’s been a long time since they went this far.”

She added that their Thanksgiving plans were in jeopardy as she was not sure how the family would get along after that.

“I don’t know now,” she said. “Other than that, I have great sons.”