Dick Gregory warns America about impact of Trump’s election

On Wednesday, Dick Gregory appeared on “NewsOne Now” and didn’t hesitate to tell Roland Martin exactly what he felt we can expect from a Trump presidency.

“Anytime you got to vote for the lesser of two evils you’re evil yourself – that’s how Hitler came to power,” Gregory warned, later adding, “Few people know that Hitler won election by 288 votes … and almost wiped the world out.”

As for where we go from here, Gregory had dire words: “We don’t go nowhere, ’cause it’s not your business … If you ever saw Trump’s television shows [they’re] brilliant – so how he get so stupid all at once?”

“If I went to apply for a job collecting garbage, they would ask me to bring in my last year’s tax return. You have a president he don’t have to bring his in and y’all tolerate it and don’t know where it’s going … that’s what it’s about,” Gregory said.

He then repeated his claim that there was simply nothing we could do: “You don’t have to do nothing … this country is not going to make four years, it’s over.”

“Everything you’re seeing … something’s wrong with it,” he said.