Ivanka Trump pays surprise visit to Harlem charter school

On Friday morning, Ivanka Trump paid a surprise visit to Success Academy Harlem 1.

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On Friday morning, Ivanka Trump paid a surprise visit to Success Academy Harlem 1.

The surprise visit came after Donald Trump was reportedly looking to get the academy’s founder, Eva Moskowitz, as his pick for U.S. Education Secretary. Moskowitz was seen to be meeting with the Trump transition team, which sparked rumors that he was looking to ask her to fill the position, but she told reporters on Thursday that she did not want to take the job.

But staffers were a bit confused by the president-elect’s daughter’s visit.

“It’s like, what’s the angle?” said Mindy Rosier, who teaches at the district-run school for kids with special needs that shares a building with the Success Academy. “If Moskowitz turned Trump down, why is Ivanka here?”

Reps for Moskowitz as well as reps for the city Education Department have not responded to requests for comment.