Former Philly mayor calls for Trump to ‘apologize’ to America

In a stirring letter written to Donald Trump, former Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter addressed the president-elect, calling on him to apologize.

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In a stirring letter written to Donald Trump, former Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter addressed the president-elect, calling on him to apologize for the things said during his campaign that have so many people terrified and nervous for the future.

“I would suggest you immediately make a national address, to recognize the monumental nature of what many consider the success of an improbable candidacy of someone who has never held any public office, said and done things that in the past would have disqualified any other candidate, and who is about to become our President,” Nutter says in the letter published to

–Donald Trump and Woodrow Wilson: How to get your bigot on as president–

“Acknowledge that you have made many painful, hurtful, abusive, controversial statements about various people and groups, and sincerely apologize, mean the words you say and ask the American public for forgiveness, not from a teleprompter, but from your head, heart and soul. Speak to our parents and teachers and help them to explain to our children and students why the inappropriate things that you said and did are not appropriate for our children to ever say or do to each other.”

He then goes on to outline ways that the president-elect can and should apologize:

“A great first step in this regard would be for you to publicly request that the KKK in NC not plan or host the parade in your honor on Dec 3rd or at any other time. Publicly apologize to President Barack Obama, who warmly welcomed you to the White House with incredible dignity and grace, even though you championed the offensive idea that he was not born in the United States or that he should release his school transcripts because you questioned his intellect and legitimate acceptance into prestigious schools, even though you admitted that you had NEVER met him before,” he writes.

Nutter also calls Trump out for his comments on American democracy in regards to the election: “Apologize for questioning the legitimacy of our electoral process, especially since you won. Apologize for even suggesting that if you were successful in this campaign that you would seek to investigate and potentially ‘lock up’ Hillary Clinton, for which your supporters always cheered and you encouraged.”

What’s more, he speaks out about the fear many minorities across the country are feeling right now:

“Apologize publicly for your statements about African Americans and our community, comments about women and girls, the disabled community, Latino/Hispanic community, Muslims and their faith and all of the other constituencies that you have offended over many years and in the current campaign.”

You can read the full, stirring letter here.