Sean Paul explains why a Marcus Garvey film is long overdue

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During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, Sean Paul spoke to why he feels a Marcus Garvey documentary is necessary.

“I think he’s a very important figure,” Paul said. “And I just think that every time Jamaican movies are depicted, it’s a lot about gangsters and that kind of stuff, which is a big part of the culture, but there’s also someone who is a very strong icon in terms of, yeah, black liberation.”

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“He was the first black man to print anything … the first publisher on this side of the earth,” he said before later adding, “I wish someone would do a real movie about that.”

“[He’s a] controversial figure. There’s some people in Jamaica who felt like he stole their money. And there’s some people who still, you know, who revere him as you know, like a prophet. So it’s controversial in that respect,” he admitted.

But then he went on, “Just like a movie was made about Malcolm X, then we should try and get one done about our hero.”