On Sunday, BET founder Bob Johnson sat down with president-elect Donald Trump for a “great chat” about “business solutions to social problems” at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and after the meeting, Johnson urged Black America to give Trump “the benefit of the doubt.”

Johnson reported that during the course of his meeting with Trump, he told the president-elect, “The real question you should be asking is what do African-Americans have to gain from your presidency.”

“Trump is a business guy, and I think he’s going to tilt towards finding [a] way to use fiscal policy … to move the economy forward. Let’s give him a shot. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt; see if we can find common ground,” he said, then added, “That’s what’s best for African-Americans.”


He added that the divided nation needs a leader, “not somebody who’s going to sort of choose sides,” and expressed his hope that Donald Trump would do just that.

Johnson noted that his meeting with Trump would not lead to an administrative job, however, stating that the chances of that were “subzero,” and that he “never worked for the government … and never wanted to work for the government.”