D.L. Hughley’s Kanye West joke goes too far?

After news broke that Kanye West had been hospitalized days after a week of rants onstage, D.L. Hughley took it as an opportunity to roast the rapper and his famous Kardashian family.

“Kanye was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation? I don’t know what’s worse for black men high blood pressure or a Kardashian,” the comedian posted on Instagram just hours after West, who is married to reality star Kim Kardashian, was admitted for evaluation.

While the meme-inspired post was intended to be humorous, some people thought Hughley went too far and was poking fun at a very serious situation.

“I’m not a fan of theirs but this is unfair. Clearly he hasnt been himself since his mother died. The black community is always making jokes about mental issues hence the reason why are men don’t seek help,” wrote Instagram user shaunniyanme.

Others agreed:

“Hmmm I don’t think that’s kind. These are real people. I love a good laugh. It this is just crass” – therealrandomnone

“That was mean, the family is in pain pl show some compassion!” – sharjo3

“Not funny ……I have a son in the same situation ( psych issues) now 16 yrs since his dads double amputation bedridden 5 1/2 yrs then dad died at home …..peace” – jenny010160

“Comment section is lit up with people making jokes when you should be using this moment and the reach of your platform to truly educate Black men and women on the importance of Mental Health and that it’s OK to seek help when things are out of control. I know comedy is your career and how you feed your family, but it’s truly sad to see you treat EVERYTHING as a joke when it’s not” – gypsy.frank

“People can be so insensitive, mental illnesses is real, Prayers up for Kanye West ????” – tiffaustin73

Grio fam, do you think D.L. Hughley’s joke was in poor taste?