Teacher to black student: ‘If you hang one black person, you have to hang them all’

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A 13-year-old student in Folsom, California, was “embarrassed” when his middle school teacher explained equality by using the example of hanging black people.

According to Tyler McIntyre, his American History teacher at Sutter Middle School has been going over a test about the Constitution of the United States when the comments were made.

“One of the kids raised their hand and asked the teacher for an example of equality for what equality meant,” Tyler’s father, Tyrie McIntyre, told CBS Sacramento. “The teacher said equality, such as if you were to hang one black person, you would have to hang all black people and that’s equality.”

Every other student looked at Tyler, as he was the only black student in the classroom.

“It definitely made him feel like a frog in the classroom,” Tyler’s mom, Victoria McIntyre, said.

Tyler said the incident was not an isolated one, either, as he has fought with other students who use the N-word or told him to “sit in the back of the bus.” Tyler said that he has come to “hate that school.”

“[Students are] young and impressionable and they’re relying on responsible adults to teach them properly and that’s not what’s happening with his teacher unfortunately,” Tyrie said.

“I just wanted it to be exposed,” he added. “I didn’t want them to be able to cast it aside.”