How to maintain an attitude of gratitude beyond Thanksgiving

Ready to change your #Mood and share #GoodVibesOnly this Thanksgiving? Well you’re only one attitude swipe away thanks to these gratitude inspired tips.

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Ready to change your #Mood and share #GoodVibesOnly this Thanksgiving? Well you’re only one attitude swipe away, thanks to these gratitude-inspired tips. In fact, recent studies show that choosing to be and acting grateful can not only actually make you more grateful but can also greatly improve the happiness in both your life and the lives of others.

The keyword being “choose.” Happiness is not something that happens to us; it is created. Or ,as psychologist William James puts it, “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” Meaning you can actually train your brain to be happy. So despite genetics and life’s circumstances, may these tips help you adopt an attitude of gratitude toward yourself first and then ultimately toward others.

Thankfulness Starts Within…

#Mood – Embrace Mindfulness. Meditating or sitting in silence for a few minutes daily is something anyone can do anywhere. Doing so allows us to unwind and rewind the events of the day, and it is in these moments that we are also able to truly connect with our feelings. So if you want to learn to be more grateful, simply start with silencing the mind. Ten mindful minutes can truly change your life tenfold. Need a little guidance? Apps like Headspace and Calm can help you tap into the power of mindfulness.

#Blessed – Keep Record Of Your Blessings. Did you know that writing down three different things each day that you’re grateful for will significantly increase your level of optimism in just six months? Well research shows that this simple practice has the power to do just that. So filter out the noise, focus on the positive and jot down your joy.

#Grateful – Do It For Your Health. Grateful people are happier people, and happier people are healthier people. In fact, in Robert Emmons’ research on “positive psychology,” Emmons found that those who adopt an “attitude of gratitude” as a permanent state of mind tend to get more regular exercise, eat a healthier diet, schedule regular physical examinations, have stronger immune systems and so much more. So know that every time you choose to take care of your health, you are saying to yourself and your body, “thank you.”

#Happy – Rest To Reset. Another simple way you can show gratitude is to make time to rest. By getting more sleep or by saying “no” from time to time, we avoid stress caused by restlessness or the overwhelmingness of too many obligations. By doing less, we are actually able to not only do more but feel more, ultimately allowing us to connect to the things and people that make us happy.

If You’re Thankful And You Know It, Show It…

#Thankful – Be A Master Of Manners. Ever since we were young, we were taught the power of these two words: thank you. However, as adults, we all have the power to master our manners by taking these powerful words a step further. By sharing affirmations such as “I appreciate you” or “you mean a lot to me,” we allow our inner attitude of gratitude to pour out into the lives of others. So bring on the thank you notes and people praising.

#GoodVibesOnly – Infuse Your Interactions With Positivity. Ever notice how the entire energy changes when someone walks into a room? Well whether it be positive or negative, we all have this power. Choosing to smile in the face of adversity, demonstrating patience in a long line, keeping our cool in the midst of disagreements are all just a few examples of how gratefulness and an overall positive attitude work hand in hand.

#Kindness – Discover Random Acts Of Kindness. Lastly, when you embrace an attitude of gratitude and learn how to see the good in both yourself and others, you’ll also notice that opportunities for kindness will become more and more apparent to you. Giving up your seat on a crowded train, using the change from your morning latte to treat the person behind you or sending a portion of your tax return to a local charity all may very well become the norm once you choose happiness for your life.

Bottom line, thankfulness begins within and has the power to alter the world we live in. So on this day dedicated to thanks, may we remember and rededicate ourselves to true gratitude, not only for our health but the health of those around us. Happy Thanksgiving from one #thankful soul to another!