Shedavi’s Elizabeth Davis is giving people the gift of healthy hair

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Elizabeth Davis loves beautiful, lush, full and long hair, and she didn’t always have it herself. The young entrepreneur was intent on finding a way to help others achieve the same look in a proactively healthy way.

Davis combined her many passions through the launch of Shedavi, a product line that avoided the use of harmful chemical ingredients.

The healthy hair brand, which Davis founded in 2014, prides itself on providing vegan and natural ingredients and pure vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth, strong nails, and radiant skin. Much of the brand’s “overnight success,” which is mainly due to social media, is attributed to Davis’ dedication to the health and care of others.

She is joined by scores of black women across the nation who together make up the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America.

Get to know more about Shedavi from Elizabeth Davis below:

What year were you founded?

Shedavi healthy hair products was officially established as a business entity in September 2014. Our products have been on the market since February 2016.

What inspired you to launch your business?

I was inspired to launch my business when I realized my purpose in life. I was fortunate in that I had a career in construction project management doing exactly my college major. However, I was unfulfilled and knew that it was not my life’s purpose. I’ve always had a passion for healthy, gorgeous hair and I always saw myself as a successful entrepreneur. I prayed for clarity and revelation. I came to realize that I am very knowledgeable about growing healthy hair, and it is a topic that I love. Many women that I’d come across in public wanted to know my healthy hair care regimen. I had grown beautiful hair, not only for myself but for family and friends too. This is when Shedavi was born.

What makes your brand/product unique?

Shedavi healthy hair products is a brand that focuses on nourishment from the inside out and the outside in, creating the optimal environment for strong nails, healthy hair and glowing skin naturally. Our products are made from nature’s botanicals and produce maximum results.

Why should everyone #buyblack this holiday season?

People should #buyblack this holiday season because it will keep a portion of our dollars circulating in our communities. If we are diligent and consistent in this effort, we will eventually create a new era of Black Wall Street and successful business owners. African-Americans have a buying power of over 1 trillion dollars in the United States. I truly believe in the power of sowing and reaping. If we all sow to each other, we will reap the rewards, including monetarily.

How do you pay it forward within your community?

I pay it forward within my community by sharing knowledge with young women and men about the power of self-efficacy, self-love, self-control and self-empowerment. Possessing these traits is what creates a successful business owner.

What is your business mantra?

Shedavi’s business mantra is simply to “Cherish yourself.”

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