(Photo: CBS 3)

A Wisconsin man developed keloids, a life-altering condition, after he went to a barbershop and was nicked by the razor, leaving him with massive scars and a condition that his insurance will not cover.

“I had a bad reaction when I went to a barber and he gave me shave and nicked me on both sides,” said Keith Crowell.

Crowell said that the nicks didn’t heal; instead, mounds of skin grow on his face and neck. He had two surgeries to try to remove the growths, removing 40 pounds of flesh, but they only returned, larger than before.

Now, he has found a specialist that could help him live a normal life again.

“There’s a doctor in New York that can solve my solution. He has a 96 percent rate that he can resolve my issue and I love those odds,” Crowell said.

But there is one problem: his insurance won’t cover the treatment, despite the fact that he has a hard time swallowing or even hearing properly.

“They rejected my claim saying it was cosmetic surgery. I feel it’s not cosmetic. This is my livelihood. This is my life right here,” Crowell said.

He has since set up a GoFundMe.com page for airfare, lodging, and his care costs.