Woman claims to be Prince’s wife, files for control of his estate

Claire Elisabeth Elliott, who says she married the late Prince before his death, wants full control of his multimillion-dollar estate.

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Claire Elisabeth Elliott wants full control of the multimillion-dollar Prince estate. To back up her claim to the estate, she says that she married the late icon before his death, and she claims to have the marriage certificate to prove it.

Elliott alleges that she and Prince were married in 2002 in secret by a rabbi named Ross Dreiblatt in Los Vegas, who also drew up a “secret will” for Prince.

“Because the CIA and other agencies consider both documents to be Top Secret, Ross cannot publicly release either document without being properly served a subpoena,” the affidavit reads.

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Elliot also took to Facebook to answer questions after TMZ reported on her alleged marriage to Prince. “We didn’t walk down the aisle, we just stood at the altar and got married,” she wrote.

According to her Facebook page, she is married to a man named Dean and lives in Georgia. Elliott also insists that she’s “not insane.”

The filing adds a new wrinkle to the ongoing battle over Prince’s estate. The late singer did not leave a will, and six people are confirmed to be inheriting portions of his estate: his sibling Tyka Nelson and his half-sibling Sharon, Norrine and John Nelson, Alfred Jackson and Omarr Baker.