Last week, Kanye West suffered a nervous breakdown, and it may have been triggered by the anniversary of his mother’s death.

According to TMZ, West was already suffering from the pressures of touring on top of running his business and parenting, in addition to the fact that his wife, Kim Kardashian, was facing her own emotional crisis after having been robbed in Paris. Add to that a lack of sleep, and West was already ready for a breakdown.

–The Curious Case of Kanye West–

However, TMZ sources claim that the final straw was the date, Nov. 20, which was not too long after the anniversary of his mother’s death. It was also the day that West abruptly cancelled the remainder of a concert during his “Saint Pablo” tour. Apparently, West never truly mourned his mother’s passing, and he has always had a hard time in November, so the additional strains of everything else on top of the time of year eventually led to his breakdown.

West was hospitalized last week at the UCLA Medical Center and is reportedly suffering from paranoia. While doctors had hoped to release him on Monday, that never happened, and there is no new date being bandied about for his release anytime soon.