(Photo: Screengrab via Facebook/BuzzFeed News)

A young woman recorded her racist boyfriend and claimed that he became more and more racist throughout Donald Trump’s campaign.

“That’s what Trump should do, the second he’s elected, give all you mother****s your tickets back. You don’t like it? Peace!” the boyfriend, Chris, can be heard saying on video.

“Black lives matter? Go matter to f****** Ghana,” he says.

“If he sees me recording this, he’s gonna end my life,” the woman, Madison, said in one recording chronicling the racist tailspin. They had been together for around three years before she started to record him, but they are no longer together, clearly.

“As it got closer to Trump being where we are now, he kind of just became a monster,” Madison said. She later added, “In regards to race, it never really came out until the election and I said I wasn’t going to vote for Trump, and then everything became about race.”

She posted her boyfriend’s comments to Facebook, and the video went viral.

“I had one girl who was like your video made me reopen my domestic violence case,” she admitted.

She posted the video on Election Day, even though she had recorded it in July.

“I’m not saying that all Trump voters are racist, but they all gave the pass on racism,” she said.