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Stevie J is demanding child support from Joseline Hernandez, claiming that she is doing drugs even while she is pregnant, according to The Jasmine Brand.

This is just part of the continuing drama between the two as Hernandez recently asked a judge to order Stevie to pay child support. She is also putting a plan in place for custody of the child that she is due to have next month. This after she demanded that Stevie take a DNA test to prove that the child was his and after she claimed that she is worried Stevie will not pay her medical bills despite promising to do so.

However, Stevie has since consented to the DNA test and taken it a step further, attempting to get physical custody of the child. Stevie claims that Hernandez abused him in the past and further believes that she has been taking drugs throughout her pregnancy, adding that he does not think she will stop abusing drugs after the baby is born.

Citing concerns that Hernandez would try to alienate him from the child if given custody due to the evidence of disparaging remarks Hernandez has made about him through the course of the pregnancy, he is trying to get the custody rights for the unborn baby.