‘Luke Cage’ gets renewal for second season

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On Sunday, Netflix announced that Marvel’s “Luke Cage” will be getting a second season on the streaming giant.

Netflix announced the show’s return on Twitter and Facebook with a video of a sign in Pop’s Barber Shop that read “Season 2 coming soon” as well as the barber shop’s motto: “Always forward.” In the show, the character of Luke Cage adopts that motto in his journey of becoming a hero.

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This is the third Marvel show to get a second season on Netflix, with “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” also being renewed for their second seasons. “Dardevil” has already aired Season 2.

The next show Marvel expects to put out on Netflix is “Iron Fist,” with the crossover “The Defenders” combining all four shows and their titular heroes to form a superheroic team.

The renewal is good news for fans, who have loved “Luke Cage.” The show has received acclaim from both fans and critics alike, with Variety‘s Maureen Ryan saying of the show, “Nothing is cooler than watching bullets bounce off Luke Cage as he brings the ruckus and schools all the fools.”