Nearly 100,000 New Yorkers have signed a petition aimed at getting Melania Trump out o New York City.

The future First Lady has announced that she will not immediately move down to the White House with Donald Trump, instead staying in New York until her son, Barron, finishes his school semester. However, with the cost to protect Melania reaching an estimated $1,000,000 a day, New Yorkers have created a petition telling Melania to get out.

–Designer who dressed Michelle Obama refuses to ever work with Melania Trump–

The petition calls on Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and City Mayor Bill De Blasio to simply refuse to foot the bill for protecting the soon-to-be first lady once the president-elect moves out of Trump Tower.

“The New York taxpayers refuse to pay over $1 million a day so she can stay,” the petitioners wrote. “If this decision has been made, between the two of them they should be the ones to pay for it. Not New York taxpayer dollars that could be used on roads, schools, transit, sanitation, new jobs and other expenses that the city has.”

“This is what tax dollars should be used for, improvements for the city and all the people of the city, not just one.”