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Kanye West’s friend Fonzworth Bentley is speaking out to explain just why Kanye West had a breakdown recently.

“He never mourned his mother, and that’s at the root of this, and you don’t have to be a clinical psychologist to figure that out. That is at the core of this. I think a lot of these things are coming up and coming out now,” Bently said of his close friend.

He then pointed to the pressures of his performances as well as his desire for success in the fashion industry as complicating factors.

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“You have to look at it from his perspective. You put out the most amazing album. You’re breaking records on merch . . . So, what happens is . . . you take that, and then your fashion show just demolishes and fails . . . We all know more than anything that he wants to be successful in fashion, so when editors and everything are beating him up . . . That happens and then you’re onstage, your wife gets robbed — and it’s not like that didn’t happen — that happened . . . It’s not OK. That’s not something to question. That really happened,” Bentley told the Tequila Avión podcast “Rich Friend: The Elevated Conversation.”

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Bentley went on to say that West had called everyone backstage shortly before he cancelled his tour: “He went through everybody and was like, ‘I’m sorry this didn’t happen for you like this, but y’all need to know how important y’all are, and everybody comes and helps me, but we need to be helping each other’ . . . But at the same time I believe in my heart it was a call for help.”