Kanye West reportedly seeks psychiatrist in New York City

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On Monday, Kanye West reportedly arrived in New York City in order to find a psychiatrist that will help him while he is on the East Coast.

According to TMZ, West already has a team helping him on the West Coast, but he is looking to extend his circle of support so that he has access to help wherever he happens to be.

TMZ reported that West made the trip with his already existing medical team, who have been giving him around-the-clock care as they make sure he takes his medicine to prevent him from having another episode.

West’s condition is also apparently triggered by stress, so he is reportedly working on only projects that relax him, such as a remodeling project in his home as well as some designing projects.

The search for a psychiatric team comes after West was hospitalized for eight days after suffering from a breakdown that caused him to cancel the rest of his tour this year. During that time, West went on several rants, including one in which he expressed his support for Donald Trump and another in which he called out the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z, before he abruptly canceled the tour and left mid-concert.