Jim Brown: ‘The greatest people in my life were white’

In an interview with CNN after meeting with Donald Trump, Jim Brown said the two discussed various issues facing the black community.

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You may have seen the headlines about Jim Brown meeting with President-elect Donald Trump this week. You may also have wondered what they had to say to each other. Turns out, quite a bit.

In an interview with CNN after the meeting, Brown opened up about his chat with Trump. The two discussed various issues facing the black community, he said, adding that he admires Trump.

“When he goes through what he went through to become the president, he got my admiration. No one gave him a chance,” Brown said.

Brown is a well-known activist, having worked on behalf of minorities and inner cities. When talking about race, however, he stated that when he was growing up, some of the best people in his life were white.

“The three greatest people in my life were white, OK. My high school coach, my high school superintendent and my mentor in Manhasset, Long Island,” he added. “When I come out of the box, I don’t come out of the box as racial. I look for good people and people that will be like-minded and help me try to do good for other human beings.”

Brown went on to say that the conversation he and Trump had about helping the black community impressed him.

“I can’t speak for the pastor, but I fell in love with him, because he really talks about helping African-American, black people and uh that’s why I’m here.”