Beyoncé sued over claim she didn’t get permission to use logo

The man who designed the Roc-A-Fella logo is not happy with Beyoncé. After the singer put the logo in one of her music videos without his approval, Dwayne Walker decided he needed to act.

Beyoncé never asked for permission to display the logo in her “Drunk in Love” music video, according to Walker, who wants her to stop using the logo and is demanding a cut of the profits.

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According to the filed documents, Walker states that he owns the rights to the logo and it shouldn’t have been used in the video without his permission, yet it was prominently displayed.

The logo — in the form of a necklace — is not prominently displayed in the video. The one time it can be seen is during a quick snapshot of Jay Z’s pendant.

This is not the first time Walker has sued over the logo. Back in September, he sued Jay Z for $7 million over it and lost the case.