A memorial is seen near the site of a warehouse fire that has claimed the lives of at least thirty-three people on December 4, 2016, in Oakland, California. The fire took place during a musical event late Friday night. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

When Michela Gregory died in her boyfriend’s arms during the deadly Oakland rave fire, her family was devastated. Now, they are angry and suing the building’s owner, the chief tenant and others in the first lawsuit filed over the fire.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday in Alameda County Superior Court, and it revealed Gregory’s last moments.

alexThe San Francisco State University student was trapped on the second floor of the building. The party space was a jumble of makeshift stairs and room dividers. There were no clear exit paths, and the building went dark when the fire, started leaving it hard for partygoers like Gregory to get out.

Thirty-six people died in the fire.

— Authorities: Site of deadly Oakland warehouse fire was an artist retreat — 

According to the lawsuit, Gregory and the other victims “tried to exit the warehouse, but were unable to exit due to the unsafe conditions and configuration of the warehouse”

The warehouse in question was a converted space hosting a rave with musical guests. This was the deadliest building fire in the US in over a decade.

“It’s really horrific, irresponsible actions and inactions on the part of this building owner, those associated with this event, and the city that cost the life of this beautiful young lady and the lives of 35 others,” said Mary Alexander, the lawyer who filed the suit on behalf of Gregory’s parents.