Louisiana girl gets Christmas gift from stranger who found her Santa letter 

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A little girl in Louisiana got her own Christmas miracle thanks to one lucky accident.

Kéani Page, 6, and her 10-year-old sister, of Lafayette, wanted to send letters to Santa this year and thought the messages might get to the North Pole faster if they flew there on balloons.

Kéani’s message asked for a tablet, light up shoes and a turtle. The note didn’t make it to the North Pole, but it did get to a Santa.

Rachel Goffinet found the balloon 800 miles away in Evanston, Indiana, and decided to help Santa fulfill Kéani’s dreams of Christmas.

“I’m not going to cry, but this is a Christmas miracle,” Kéani’s mother, Sheena told KLAF.

“I thought [the balloon] would’ve just come right back down. I never thought it would make it to where it did,” Sheena went on.

According to Goffinet, “Where it landed at was pretty neat because 10 miles north, it would have landed in Santa Claus, Indiana.”

“I said, ‘Santa Claus, Indiana?’ This is crazy. This is a miracle,” the little girl’s mother said.

Goffinet says that her family planned to make another family’s Christmas wish come true, so getting the letter was just right.

Christmas morning, Kéani found a special present under her tree from Santa himself.

“Dear Kéani, I received your princess balloon with your wish list,” a note attached to the present said.