Rick Ross buys back block, begins with hometown Checkers

Hip-hop mogul Rick Ross is investing back into his hometown of Carol City, Miami, which includes the purchase of a local Checkers restaurant.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Despite massive success in the music industry, Rick Ross hasn’t forgotten his roots in the Carol City neighborhood of Miami.

The rapper and entrepreneur is now investing back into his hometown, which includes the purchase of a local Checkers restaurant, where he spent much of his time with friends during his childhood.

“I’m one of the few artists that could claim to be self-made. Meaning nothing was given to me,” Ross told Uproxx.

To this day, he is still close with the guys he grew up with as well as the community.

Ross is well aware what he means to those who live in the community, especially the kids.

“Coming from the inner city,” the hip-hop mogul said. “You always felt like somewhat of an underdog. Let’s make that a good thing.”

By purchasing the Checkers, Ross is not just keeping in contact with the place he grew up, he is creating jobs and giving others a place to hang with friends.

“I became the Boss through my dedication,” he said. “My love for what I do. My passion. My hard work. Never taking no for an answer.”

It’s not about kids following him into the rap world, he says, but about kids understanding that they can do anything if they really want it bad enough. It might take hard work, but they can look to Rick Ross and see that success can be achieved.