Extended video shows Fort Worth officer kicked girl in the side

Earlier this month, video went viral of the arrest of Jacqueline Craig, and now, extended video shows an even broader picture of police brutality that took place during the incident as Craig’s daughter and niece were also terrorized by the police officer in the video.

Craig had called the police because a man was choking her 7-year-old son, but then the officer who responded took issue with her being so upset and arrested her instead.

In the extended video, the officer can be seen to kick Craig’s daughter in the side while putting her in the patrol car and also to turn his attention on Craig’s niece in order to order her to stop filming the incident.

In the original video of the incident, which went viral after being posted to Facebook, Craig can be heard telling the officer that the man who choked her son had “no right” to touch her little boy, not even over a “paper he threw,” referring to the man’s claims that the boy was littering.

“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” the officer responded, which understandably upset Craig, who continued to insist that littering was not an offense for which a 7-year-old should ever be choked for.

At some point, the officer takes out his Taser, and Craig is arrested along with Brea Hymond, who tried to intervene on her behalf.