Bronx man admits killing teacher sex pal, 4-year-old love child

A former Bronx student who impregnated his high school teacher has admitted to killing both her and their 4-year-old child because he resented being required to pay child support.

Isaac Infante confessed on Tuesday to the murder of Felicia Barahona, 36, and his son Miguel. Infante told police that he didn’t like the way Barahona was raising their son and that she was messing things up with his current love interest.

Barahona and Miguel were both killed in their apartment. The city medical examiner said that Barahona was strangled, while Miguel was choked to death.

“He knows what he did. … You killed your own son who’s 4,” said Barahona’s brother, Jaime Bravo, 29. “There’s not much I can say beyond that. You killed your own son!”

Infante and Barahona made headlines back in 2011, when it was discovered that Barahona, who taught at DeWitt Clinton High School, had been having a four-month affair with Infante, who was in her class. She became pregnant in November 2011, and Infante moved in with her.

However, when Infante wanted to take their son to visit relatives and Barahona wouldn’t allow it, the relationship went south. They parted ways after Barahona’s mother caught him drinking in their apartment and an argument broke out. Barahona forced him to move out and then blocked him from her Facebook.

“He’s a 20-year-old guy (at the time),” Bravo recalled. “There’s no way you’re going to take the reins on that so I think that was part of the fallout. She would live her life, and he would either join along with her or go away.”