‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Fences’ get confused at Golden Globes

Jenna Bush Hager didn't know the difference between Hidden Figures and Fences when she spoke with Pharrell Williams on the Golden Globes red carpet.

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On Sunday night, Jenna Bush Hager co-hosted the special before the Golden Globes, but it looks like she wasn’t quite prepared, because she didn’t know the difference between Hidden Figures and Fences when she spoke with Pharrell Williams on the red carpet.

“So, you’re nominated for ‘Hidden Fences,’” Hager told Williams, who looked very confused, since he is nominated for best original score for Hidden Figures, while Fences is another movie entirely.

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Hidden Figures follows the story of three black women in the 1960s working at NASA who helped launch the first American astronaut, while Fences, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, is based on August Wilson’s play.

And if you think the internet was about to let that kind of slip-up past, you’d be wrong.

Of course, Hager wasn’t the only one making mistakes. Michael Keaton also mixed up the movie names when he was presenting the award for best supporting actress, which had nominations from both Fences and Hidden Figures. Keaton also used the phrase “Hidden Fences,” which of course had the internet all over him.

It wasn’t long before #GoldenGlobesErrors began to trend, with Twitter users mixing up the names of black movies or shows in mix-and-match style. Check out some of the best reactions from Twitter below!