(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are ready to take their beef into the boxing ring, and they’re headed to Dubai to do it.

Originally, the plan was to hold the fight in Las Vegas, but they ran into a few snags because of rules and regulations that would have prevented the fight from happening, including a mandatory drug test for amateurs who want to fight.

So, the two of them are taking their show overseas. Their first choice of locations is Dubai, and they plan to put the whole thing on Pay-Per-View. After all, even though these two really do dislike each other and honestly want to knock each other senseless, they can both agree on one thing: they’d love to make plenty of money off of the whole thing.

Both of them have talked about making this a charity event, and it’s expected to rake in millions of dollars, but some of that, TMZ reports, will go to the participants.