Russell Wilson and Ciara
(Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

It looks like the DJ for the Atlanta Falcons is all set to troll Russell Wilson with songs from Ciara’s ex, Future.

And it’s not a bad plan, either, as Panthers’ official team DJ, DJ Vinny, might have proven the psych out works during the recent Panthers/Seahawks game.

DJ Vinny kept blasting Future songs over the speakers, and while there’s no rock-solid guarantee that this is what threw Wilson off his game, he did have one of the worst starts of his career, with the Seahawks losing 31-24.

Of course, the Falcons officially say they wouldn’t stoop to that level of pettiness, with Falcons head coach Dan Quinn saying on Tuesday that they would “absolutely not” use it as part of their game plan.

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But DJ Jay Envy isn’t going to take that high road. He’s already been posting an entire “Future Mix for Russell,” and so far, over a dozen Future songs are featured on the playlist.

Besides, the DJ pointed out, he always plays future songs at the Atlanta Dome.

“This is Atlanta. I play Future at every home game,” he said. “That’s like not playing [Kanye] in Chicago. It just doesn’t happen. I’m not not going to play Future because of a certain team or player…I’m going to play it and, to be honest, no one has hit me up directly saying I can’t play the records I normally play.”

He doesn’t think it’ll affect Wilson, either.

“Let’s be real here, I highly doubt me playing Future is going to affect the way Russell plays,” he said. “He has probably seen and heard worse shenanigan from players and other fans. He’s got bigger problems like Vic Beasley and Keanu Neal.”