Watch: Americans who love the Affordable Care Act — but hate Obamacare

Jimmy Kimmel’s most recent “on the street” interviews have humiliated so many Americans who apparently still don’t realize that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing.

“We decided to ask this question again to see if Americans had learned everything over the last three years,” Kimmel said after explaining that they had done the exact same thing a few years ago in asking people to talk about the law.

The results were hilarious.

One woman said that she “doesn’t support Obama so I don’t support the Obama-things he’s got going on.”

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“So, you don’t like anything Obama does and you prefer the Affordable Care Act?” the reporter asked, to which the woman replied, ‘absolutely.’

Another man said that he preferred “Obamacare” to the Affordable Care Act, and another man said that he didn’t know what the difference was, so he supported the Affordable Care Act because his girlfriend supported Donald Trump.

“I believe with Obamacare the premiums are too high, so I believe in the Affordable Care Act,” another man said.

“So, the Affordable Care Act is more affordable than Obamacare?” the reporter asked.

“Correct,” the man said. “Which is obvious because it’s in the name.”

You can watch the whole video below.