Lil Mo tearfully defends Chrisette Michelle over Inauguration backlash

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Chrisette Michelle is going to be performing at the Inauguration Ball for Donald Trump, and people are not happy about it at all, with backlash hitting hard against the performer for the decision.

But Lil Mo has come to Michelle’s defense, suggesting that we should support her rather than tear her down.

“I have the privilege of having some friends, and when they trend, I want to make sure they’re okay,” she began in speaking about Michelle.

“When I see my friends hurting, and I know that they’re hurt… people, you don’t know how… words hurt,” a clearly emotional Lil Mo continued.

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She admitted that she wasn’t sure if people were mad or hurt but then went on to explain why Michelle would agree to the performance: “You have someone that uses their platform to try to figure out and get answers because they are granted that access.”

“If they want you in, you have to be invited,” she added.

“So when a person like Chrisette, who is a friend of mine, who has put more money in my pocket than so many people who owe me money… the way I saw her being attacked on social media, I took it personal, but I said, ‘No, this is business, and there’s a reason why God trusted her enough to accept whatever offer.'”

“A lot of people are tagging her, and she’s always been about love,” Lil Mo added.

Then, reading from her phone, Lil Mo gave her listeners a message from Michelle: “If anyone wants to know, I am in a good space. God is so much greater, and hopefully, there will be a chance to be the salt and the light. It’s my only responsibility on this planet.”

Lil Mo then continued, “If it takes her singing a song to bridge the disconnect between the people and Donald Trump, if her singing that song will tear down the walls of racism, if her singing a song anywhere will help us… then let freedom ring, damnit.”

“Somebody has to stand and be a voice for us. We can’t just be mad and don’t have a solution. We have wasted too much time and too much energy upset at something that we can’t control. Tomorrow, we will have a new president. We have to deal with it. We don’t have to accept anything that they dish us, we just have to fight back,” she said.

“No matter how you feel, you still have to enter with meekness, humility, integrity, and with love, and if you don’t have that in your heart, then you’re worse than what you think Donald Trump is.”