Michelle Obama’s ‘side-eye’ steals the show during inauguration

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Yesterday, Barack and Michelle Obama left the White House as Donald and Melania Trump moved in, but if Michelle’s expressions are anything to go by, the transition was only “smooth” if you don’t count side-eyes.

During a special Friday episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah pointed out the epic facial expressions the former First Lady was sporting all day, claiming that she had absolutely zero poker face on Inauguration Day.

— Let’s Move! a lasting legacy for Michelle Obama — 

“For me the person who most captured the feeling of the day was First Lady Michelle Obama,” Noah said. “It was all over her face.”

The side-eyes started when Melania presented Michelle with a Tiffany’s box.

“She clearly did not want” it,” Noah joked. “And look at Obama! Look at him! He’s like, ‘Uhhh, just put it anywhere, I’m moving. Just put it anywhere.’”

He then claimed that he knew what was in the box: “It was just a tiny note from Melania that said, ‘HELP!’”

Noah then went on to show several of Michelle’s expressions throughout Inauguration Day: “That face is every emotion rolled into one. That’s like, ‘Bye, Felicia,’ ‘Boi-bye,’ ‘I’d like to speak to your manager,’ ‘I’m so done,’ all rolled into one.”

Noah wasn’t the only one to notice, either, as Twitter was quick to make her expressions into a meme.

“Michelle Obama’s side-eye game was the real winner of this #Inauguration,” one Twitter user wrote.

Check out some of the best Michelle expressions and memes below!