Nikki Giovanni wishes Trump were on ‘plane that crashed and burned’

Nikki Giovanni isn't here for giving President Donald Trump a 'chance.' She just wants him gone.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Nikki Giovanni isn’t here for giving President Donald Trump a ‘chance.’ She just wants him gone.

“The best thing that could happen to America would be if Trump and Pence were on a plane that crashed and burned,” she said in a recent interview with Huffington Post.

When asked if she wanted to reword her quote to something less inflammatory, her response was no less straight to the point.

“I’m old and I learned many years ago that I shouldn’t say what I don’t mean. Print every word of it. I’m not re-wording anything. My heart breaks for the next generation with these fools in the white house. Asking us to give Trump a chance is like asking Jews to give Hitler a chance. I read that eight percent of blacks voted for him. That’s like a vote for slavery,” Giovanni said.

“I’m so proud of women for standing up at the Women’s Marches all over the country. In Washington it was so crowded that you couldn’t move. These women were telling Donald Trump ‘not on our watch’. Saying they won’t bow down or bend over and take the worse from him. Why take abortion and make us have children and then deny those kids healthcare?”

She went on to say that she wouldn’t give Trump a chance to speak with her in the name of redemption, saying that he was past that and that she didn’t want to be used as a political prop.

“If I had a chance to talk to Hitler I’d say nothing. If Satan sits next to you what do you say? Satan is not looking for conversation. He wants a weakness to exploit. Trump also would not listen and only a fool would try to reason with him. He is beyond redemption,” she said.

But while Giovanni isn’t going to give Trump or Mike Pence a chance, she does hope that everyday Americans will be able to reach out to each other for healing.

“All white people are not alike. You have right wing fools sucking America dry, and crazy racist in powerful positions. However, there are great people in all colors. Good and bad in all colors. The people at the Women’s Marches were good people. You can’t let the fools make you think everybody is a fool. You need to learn the difference between the good and the bad,” she said.