Reham Noaman is a Clark Atlanta University student, but she is now trapped in Saudi Arabia and unable to return to the United States despite having a visa because of President Donald Trump’s recent travel ban and refugee ban.

Noaman, a third-year doctoral student, was unable to board her flight to Atlanta from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and has been blocked from leaving.

Noaman has been attending the university for years and is vetted at the end of every single semester as part of her visa status. What’s more, she has a scholarship from the U.S. State Department.

–Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates for opposing travel ban–

Noaman’s case is unfortunately not uncommon and is one of many others being told since the travel and immigration ban was instituted over the weekend. The ban caused massive outcry and intense scrutiny, and in a statement Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that, unless there was information on a threat to the safety and welfare of the public, residency would be a “dispositive factor in our case-by-case determination.”

This means that, despite the fact that many were detained or prevented from entering the United States over the weekend, those people who hold “green cards” will still be allowed to re-enter, despite previous efforts to prevent them from doing so.

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