Rep. Nancy Pelosi calls Trump ‘so insecure’ during town hall

During a town hall on Tuesday night, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi didn’t hold back in her criticism of President Donald Trump, calling him “reckless,” “brash” and “so insecure.”

In particular, she called the president out for continuing to spread misinformation about things like voter fraud and the size of his inauguration crowd.

She recalled a meeting last week with Congressional leaders during which Trump claimed that he had been robbed of a victory in the popular vote because of voter fraud. When Pelosi tried to tell him that his claims, which have been widely debunked, were simply not true, he allegedly shot back with, “And I’m not even counting California.”

“You’re the president of the United States and you’re so insecure. This isn’t even true, it’s like the size of your inauguration,” Pelosi said.

She also criticized the immigration ban, which has created controversy nationwide, telling a Yemeni refugee, “If you detect some impatience in my voice, it’s because your family is suffering and our president is reckless, reckless, and his administration is incompetent.”

Pelosi also claimed that the Trump administration moved up the announcement of their Supreme Court pick from Thursday to Tuesday in order to distract attention from the immigration and travel ban.

“How and why they did this is because they’re grand illusionists. Any time they have a problem with something, they create another problem,” she said.


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