Singer calls black people ‘dumb’ over Beyoncé pregnancy reactions

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Ntsiki Mazwai is not here for the huge wave of congratulatory messages and celebrations that came after Beyoncé announced her pregnancy. The outspoken South African musician said that she thinks the fervor over the celebrity pregnancy is just a distraction from more important things.

“Everytime beyonce does something…i realise how starstruck n dumb black people are,” she tweeted, later adding, “They use things like beyonce to distract u from REALITY.”

“They will celebrate a pregnancy from shagging and ignore a degree that takes hard work,” she continued, even as she called the excuses people were using to defend the pregnancy reactions “rubbish.”

Then, this morning, she tweeted out, “Morning bhive,” apparently ready for the roasting she knew the Beyhive would likely give her.