CNN commentator says Trump ‘doesn’t care about black people’

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A CNN panel devolved into a shouting match as commentators discussed Donald Trump’s comments made on the first day of Black History Month.

The panel, which featured CNN political commentator Symone Sanders, Trump supporter Paris Dennard and author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, took a turn into shouting when the conversation turned to whether Trump knew much about Frederick Douglass. During his comments on Black History Month, the president seemed to suggest that Douglass, an abolitionist who died in 1895, was still alive.

Dennard turned the conversation from Trump’s knowledge of black history to Sanders herself, accusing her of refusing to “have a seat at the table” with Trump because she had refused to go to the White House.

“That’s your problem,” Dennard told her before referencing Congressman John Lewis, who had also said that he wouldn’t invite Trump to Selma.

Sanders told Dennard that she did not need to go anywhere before shouting, “I don’t need Donald Trump to give me anything.”

“I’m gonna take a page out of Kanye West’s book — Donald Trump doesn’t care about black people,” she continued.

“It’s unfortunate for you and the listeners to hear that about the President of the United States,” Dennard responded.