Bannon: Democrats have ‘plantation mentality’ towards African-Americans

During a 2010 webinar for Tea Party activists, Steve Bannon, who is now President Donald Trump’s top senior advisor, claimed that Democrats have been treating African Americans with a “plantation mentality,” forcing them to be reliant on the state and welfare and creating a “victimology” among African Americans themselves.

Bannon went on to say that the mentality of “victimology” was what caused African-Americans to attack black conservatives.

He listed several black conservatives before saying, “These people are heroes. They take an incredible, incredible amount of grief because the welfare state has built in this victimology. And the elitist, liberal, progressives have a plantation mentality that they don’t think African Americans should be out of government control.”

This was part of an argument Bannon had been making that conservative women and conservative minorities are attacked because they do not fit the left’s narrative of liberalism for these groups.

“If you think the women are vilified, if you think Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann, and Michelle Malkin, all of these great women in the tea party movement are absolutely vilified because they are an existential threat to progressive narrative, you haven’t seen anything by how they viciously attack our black and African American conservatives,” he said.