White woman slams Kofi Siriboe’s celebration of black women, he responds

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Queen Sugar star Kofi Siriboe took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his love for his mother and appreciation for all black women, but one white woman felt that he should have included mothers of all races.

Siriboe’s original message, on Tuesday, was: “my beautiful mother is every reason i need to cherish, love, and protect my sisters. nobody will ride for you like a black woman. period.”

But a white woman named Claire Palmer took offense to the message, writing, “! Really !! All good mums do those things no matter creed or colour!”

When pressed on why she was calling out Siriboe for praising his mother and sisters, she added, “Everyone knows the power of a statement!! It would have been better put if it was just empowerment to women and left.”

Siriboe’s fans were quick to shut her down, but Siriboe came back with this glorious response:

I can’t count the number of awards and publications that single out white women to praise on a daily basis with no rebuttals from black women. Instead of complaining, my job is to do the same for my mother and sistas, specifically and unapologetically. Just because an award show isn’t called the White Entertainment Awards, it doesn’t mean that’s not what it is. A few sprinkles of Black entertainers isn’t satisfactory and quite frankly, it’s disrespectful. America’s past will tell you what my black skin has meant to them. America’s present will tell you what my black skin still means to them. Therefore, it’s not my responsibility to celebrate and praise that same black skin. And, yes, it’s a very conscious and deliberate effort. I shouldn’t have to think twice when it comes to uplifting my black women. The same way no other race thinks twice when it comes to celebrating theirs.