Activist rips into Chicago mayor: He ‘doesn’t care about black people’

Ja’Mal Green didn’t hold anything back when he was asked about whether or not the Chicago police department could be trusted.

During an MSNBC segment called “Chicago in the Crosshairs,” Green spoke out about the situation in the beleaguered city, saying, “First of all, if you want to talk about the trust with the police and black people, there’s never been trust, alright? So that’s number one.”

“Number two is that if you look at the numbers, 75 percent of murders go unsolved. So obviously, they’re not doing their job, and they haven’t been doing their job for years. But hopefully Superintendent Eddie Johnson can do something about the police culture,” he added.

He then went on to address the violence itself. “If we talking about violence, police isn’t the answer. You can put 100,000 police officers on the street; that will not reduce violence in the city of Chicago, because police are only there to react…. You have to put money into prevention.”

Then, Green went after the mayor. “Nobody’s really said it, but his name is Rahm Emanuel. And this mayor that we have in the city of Chicago does not care about black people, and I’mma put that on the record.”

He blasted the mayor for investing in rich areas that don’t need the extra money when, he said, “We walking past boarded up schools, boarded up houses… mental health facilities shut down, the unemployment rate is the highest in Chicago than it is around the country.”

“If you want to talk about violence, you gotta talk about the economics.”