Let’s celebrate black fashion with purpose and passion

As a fashion stylist with over 15 years of experience in the fashion and entertainment industries, I’ve had an opportunity to work with some extremely talented fashion designers.

I’ve used them to dress some of my celebrity clients, and I’ve placed their work in national and international publications. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some of these same designers –many of them Black – disappear into the stratosphere.

I have watched them begin their careers alongside some the industry’s leading brands, yet they have somehow fallen to the wayside, while their counterparts are catapulted to the top. I can’t say whether it was due to lack of exposure, bad business practices, limited access to capital, or anything else that kept them from moving forward – but it definitely wasn’t the lack of creativity.

Just like those forgotten few, the designers used in this shoot possess undeniable talent, and they just happen to be black. They are only a small representation of the plethora of black designers worldwide. Every designer, from clothing to footwear to jewelry and accessories are all black.

This was shot by a black photographer at the black-owned Salamander Resort & Spa Middleburg, Virginia. All of the beautiful models featured were black, as were the glam squad and crew.

This is not just a celebration of black fashion but also of black beauty, black talent, black creativity and black entrepreneurship.

Spry Lee Scott is a celebrity fashion stylist & fashion savant/TV personality. Follow him on Instagram @spryleescott